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Let’s Experience Love on the 14th!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…as if you didn’t recognize the explosion of pink and red at every drugstore or grocery chain you enter! So, what are you planning on getting for that special someone on the 14th? Well if you’re like most people, it will involve giving either flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal or some combination of the three with a dinner out to end the evening. Although the thought is well meaning, flowers die in a couple of days, you end up eating an entire box of chocolates and can’t fit your favorite pair of jeans (speaking from experience here), the stuffed animal goes on a shelf and collects dust and the dinner you shared will become a faded memory unless of course it was on the Eiffel Tower (or somewhere along those lines).

Health and Valentine's rarely go together in the same sentence but 2016 may be the year to start! Many studies have shown that experiences are much more memorable to people than physical objects. This is due to the multi sensory ability that experiences allow us to have. Wouldn't it be great to do something with your partner that is fun, memorable and healthy?

Here are some ideas on what to do for Valentine's Day with your special someone.

  • Go on a tour around your area. Whether it’s a bike or walking tour, you would be surprised at how much you can learn about a city or area by taking a professionally guided tour while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and each other of course.

  • Are you both adrenaline junkies?? Then maybe skydiving, ziplining, go-karting or speed boating may be up your alley. Not ready to go that far? How about an indoor skydiving experience which mimics the real thing without the fear of dying ;)

  • Drive to the nearest beach or lake and take a walk along the shore. It’s a great way to catch up and recharge. Take a break to enjoy a casual picnic packed meal for two in between.

  • Rent a canoe or kayak for two and enjoy a fun day out on the water.

  • Take horseback riding lessons.

  • Take a hike at a local or state park and watch the sunrise or sunset together.

  • Take a cooking class. There are so many cooking schools and restaurants that offer classes to learn how to make your favorite foods from sushi to gnocchi. This way you both will learn something new AND still get a meal included.

  • Take dance lessons. Whether it’s the rumba, hip hop or ballroom the choices are endless. Have two left feet? Maybe this could be your chance to learn some signature moves and show your loved one your willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

  • End the day with a spa experience like a couples massage to soothe any sore muscles after a long day of activity.

Remember this is just a short list of experiences you can consider giving your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Although these are perfect to surprise someone with on the 14th, remember that anyone would love to experience these year round so don't just limit it to Valentine's Day :)

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